Using the Office

Your copy office dashboard allows you to brief work, track work, pay for content and consult with an expert content manager. The platform is powered by our full time work force, working around the world to get your content flowing.

  • Over 1mn words per month;
  • 50+ highly skilled writers;
  • Edited & fact-checked;
  • Quick turnaround times.
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How Our Copy Office Works

Our bespoke copywriter office platform includes a client area where you can brief, view, track and pick up completed content. Our writers and editors work in their offices, getting your content completed to perfection.

Over the last 5 years we have evolved our briefing process so that we get the information we need for our writers to do a great job. We have different forms for each content type so that it is easier for you to brief. Get as much info as you can into the forms. We always say that the quality of the final product is directly proportional to the quality of the brief. Don't worry! We can guide you through the briefing process.

As soon as work is through editors you can pick it up in the dashboard. There is no waiting for emails or 9am on Monday morning. This makes the copy production process slick, and means we can outpace our competition and hit tight deadlines.

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Three Simple Steps to Get Your Content

Register your account instantly and login to your dashboard here
Choose the type of writing you need and use the easy briefing forms to create an order
Track your orders in your copywriter office and pick up deliveries as they come through.

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